Creating Light Rays

For this i followed one of Phlearns videos on Youtube, he has brilliant tutorials and really easy to understand.

I needed an image that had the sun in the background, i probably could of found a better one if i had of looked longer but i didn’t want to spend ages getting lost in my archives!

The sun ray effect was achieved by using the brush tool, changing the shape dynamics,  scattering and the size of the brush tip shape. It changed the shape of the brush to different size dots which i then painted over the image on a new layer and then repeated again on another new layer using larger dots and concentrating them where the sun is.

A radial blur was then applied, making sure the centre of the radial was in the same place as the sun and then this was applied to both of those layers and it turned the dots into rays.

I then played with the blending modes of those layers until it looked realistic, i used screen, i wanted it to be quite subtle. It didn’t take very long to do and it was really interesting to see what effects can be created just by changing the brush and using the radial blur.

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