Adding Contour Foundation

Using an image of myself from our studio session last week i then followed one of Phlearns videos on youtube –

Where he shows how you can add contour makeup….genius! This will definitely come in handy for making portraits pop. I went a bit over-kill on my example but i just did it so it would stand out for this.

You use the colour pick tool and choose a shadow area then add a new layer and paint where the low lights are, for example under the cheek bone, at the temple. Then you do the same for the highlighted areas, pick a colour from there (make it lighter if needed) then paint in all the highlights, for example on top of the cheekbone, along the jawline.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 19.44.10

Then individually, set each layer to Hard Light in the blending mode then add a gaussian blur quite a lot so there is no definition at the edges of where you have painted.

If the colours are too strong you need to go into IMAGE>ADJUSTMENTS>HUE/SATURATION and lower the saturation to what looks best.

Also if you need to remove some of the contoured areas you can add a layer mask to each of the layers and then using black just paint out those bits using a soft brush.


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