Fabrics & Textures

Fabrics and textures can add so much depth and feeling to an image, a photographer that i have always admired Sue Bryce is the queen of this department. She really experiments with the movement of fabric and textures backgrounds which give her photos such a timeless feel.

Kamila and i have very similar tastes and are now working on some projects involving handmade outfits and backdrops, we would like to see what we can create without spending a fortune.

Today we used some strips of tulle, an inside out dress, a crochet piece of material, some mottled effect fabric, a fan….and an awkward model



Today was just a practice but once we have made some outfits we plan to get some models in.

I feel so uncomfortable in front of the camera so Kamila did really well instructing me how to position myself… this is an area that we are going to study more because as we found out the positioning of hands and body are so important.

My favourite image from the shoot, i edited this in Lightroom & Photoshop giving myself a skin tidy up, lowering the temp, added some softness by reducing the clarity and adjusting the tone curve.



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