Buy it or make it?

One area of photography that i would really like to push is newborns…i really enjoy spending time creating props and scenes and really build up an image. Most of the props i have – miniature beds, raft, nest i have made myself because to buy them they range from £40 to over £100. So with the gift of an old jigsaw and some other tools and some foraged wood and materials i have made them myself.

The other thing that’s very popular is newborn outfits – rompers, trouser sets, bonnets and you can buy these from different sellers on Esty and facebook all ranging from £20 to around £40 per outfit! So me being me and my attitude of ‘well if someone else has made it so can i’ (this attitude is going to be the death of me :-/) i decided to purchase a couple of outfits to use as templates so i can make my own versions. This makes much more sense because then i can really customise the outfit to match the setting i create.

So after purchasing a singer sewing machine and a trip to Abakhan to buy whatever semi stretchy material that i could as well as many other accessories i have made a template as close as i could to the outfits that i have bought.

And after several youtube sewing tutorials and many mistakes i have made several little outfits which i am pretty chuffed to bits with…..i had to reign in my excitement when i then decided i was going to make new curtains for the house and cushions for the sofa Whoooooah steady…just focus on the original plan Suze for goodness sake!


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