Fabrics & Textures

Fabrics and textures can add so much depth and feeling to an image, a photographer that i have always admired Sue Bryce is the queen of this department. She really experiments with the movement of fabric and textures backgrounds which give her photos such a timeless feel.

Kamila and i have very similar tastes and are now working on some projects involving handmade outfits and backdrops, we would like to see what we can create without spending a fortune.

Today we used some strips of tulle, an inside out dress, a crochet piece of material, some mottled effect fabric, a fan….and an awkward model



Today was just a practice but once we have made some outfits we plan to get some models in.

I feel so uncomfortable in front of the camera so Kamila did really well instructing me how to position myself… this is an area that we are going to study more because as we found out the positioning of hands and body are so important.

My favourite image from the shoot, i edited this in Lightroom & Photoshop giving myself a skin tidy up, lowering the temp, added some softness by reducing the clarity and adjusting the tone curve.


TV Studio – Green Screen

Excuse the scribbled diagrams, this is how we set up the TV studio today. We set up the lights to evenly light the subject, floor and backdrop and used the grid lights and floor lights separately to compare the difference.

Grid Light set up

Floor Light Set Up

The grid set up was a bit quicker to achieve, whereas the floor lights took a little longer to get right as there was more shadows.

I found this video on youtube which backs up what we learnt today –

Green Screen Tips, Tricks and Materials – Chromakey Tutorial


And this video explained really well how to get the keying right in After Effects –

Advanced Green Screen Keying (After Effects Tutorial)



Kamila and i have the studio booked every wednesday to work on some projects together, we want to experiment and copy work from other photographers for us to gain more knowledge into what goes into creating their images.

Taking inspiration from the amazing Sue Bryce i wanted to create a fine art image which incorporated movement, not freezing the action completely i wanted to show some fluidity.

I asked Sophie to spin for me and making sure she locked eyes on me every time she turned so i was able to get her eye in focus.

I used my Nikon D750 and Sigma 50mm 1.4 Art Lens…it’s such a lovely lens.


These were taken at F5.6   1/60  100 ISO using one light.

At a 1/60 it was enough to catch her eye and it be in focus and everything else that was moving was soft.

My New Website

I set myself a challenge to build myself a new website and after 24 hours of no sleep and sheer determination to do it, using what i learnt when creating my blog for uni and no-ones help (except youtube 🙂 ) i now have a new website for my newborn/child/family photography.

It still needs some work but it is almost there and i am really pleased how far i managed to get.




Buy it or make it?

One area of photography that i would really like to push is newborns…i really enjoy spending time creating props and scenes and really build up an image. Most of the props i have – miniature beds, raft, nest i have made myself because to buy them they range from £40 to over £100. So with the gift of an old jigsaw and some other tools and some foraged wood and materials i have made them myself.

The other thing that’s very popular is newborn outfits – rompers, trouser sets, bonnets and you can buy these from different sellers on Esty and facebook all ranging from £20 to around £40 per outfit! So me being me and my attitude of ‘well if someone else has made it so can i’ (this attitude is going to be the death of me :-/) i decided to purchase a couple of outfits to use as templates so i can make my own versions. This makes much more sense because then i can really customise the outfit to match the setting i create.

So after purchasing a singer sewing machine and a trip to Abakhan to buy whatever semi stretchy material that i could as well as many other accessories i have made a template as close as i could to the outfits that i have bought.

And after several youtube sewing tutorials and many mistakes i have made several little outfits which i am pretty chuffed to bits with…..i had to reign in my excitement when i then decided i was going to make new curtains for the house and cushions for the sofa Whoooooah steady…just focus on the original plan Suze for goodness sake!

Pecha Kucha


I will be honest, this was a painful week for me assembling my Pecha Kucha. I really struggle to write so this was a long process of researching and trying to collate just enough information to create a nice flow from slide to slide.

I did feel a huge sense of achievement (and relief) though once i completed it and was pleased with how it turned out.