Vivian Maier

Vivian Maier, born in New York in 1926, was an indescribably talented artist who wasn’t discovered until after her death in 2007. The work she produced was so ‘now’ and outstanding for the time she lived in and it undoubtedly puts her at the forefront of being one of the best street photographers of all time.

She worked full-time as a nanny and kept her photography secret from everyone, occasionally when asked what she did she would call herself a spy. Whether this was for her own amusement to make people wonder or whether deep down this was how she seen herself. Her daily documentation of life in all its beauty and pain was like she was a reporter working for her own secret company.

The image i have chosen is one that i just fell in love with when i first seen it, i love so many of her photographs so it was hard to choose one and there is many others that show more grit and emotion and power but there is something about this photo that really stands out –

vivian maier pillars

It is amongst her collection of street photography which ranges from the 1950’s onwards around New York & Chicago. It’s so pleasingly composed, the vertical and diagonal lines make your eyes follow the woman to the leading point. It could even be split vertically down the middle and create two separate perfect images. She patiently captures the exact moment when everything is in just the right place and is exposed perfectly.




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