Special Requirements

The week before christmas i was contacted by a lady who wanted to have photos of her newborn baby along with her little boy and daughter. She was concerned about having photos done because she wasn’t sure how we would do it because her daughter has cerebral palsy and is unable to sit up.

I did some research before telling her that i would be happy to do it and would find away to make the situation work to her advantage.

So after i read up about children with cerebral palsy –

I set my studio set up with comfort and safety in mind. I cleared my living room and put a big fluffy rug, cushions and blankets for her to lie in the middle of and some music on to listen to when i was doing the baby’s photos.


Knowing that she would need to be lying down for her photos i had to make a padded area with a fluffy blanket that they could all lie on together so that i could take a photo of them from above.

I had Kelly Browns images in mind for this –

Because it would be flattering for them all rather than to try and prop them all up together.

It was a challenge because she can’t lie still and her arms didn’t stop moving and clawing at her face and she had to be carried everywhere, between her mother, father and Gran who had come along to help they were amazing and the whole situation really pulled at my heart strings because it must be so hard and i had to swallow a lump in my throat throughout the session….yet her beautiful little smile made all the struggle melt away.

The mum kept saying it was fine if i didn’t manage to get a decent image of the 3 of them together and that she would be happy with separates but i was determined to make that happen…with the help of the wonderful photoshop i combined two and she was so over the moon happy with it……..and thats what drives me, that chance to make someone fall in love with a memory is just priceless!

I combined the first 2 images to make the third –

Baby Emmeline-14




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