BIG 2016 Website Plans

I have a website…

Its a very out of date one, there isn’t much i like about it anymore.

Perfect Moments By Suzanne – i don’t like my logo and it is just too long for a start, i want a simpler more contemporary brand name.

‘Perfect Moments’ works well for my newborn & child photography and i think i will keep it for that. But i need to personalise my other work…..i wish i had a WOW name….Suzanne Ross-Hughes is a mouthful and doesn’t have a ring to it. I wish i had design wand to just magic me up something wonderful!

So my January – February 2016 goal is to have a website rebirth!

For my newborn website, i want it to be simple with a selection of my images, information & pricing. I am a fan of Kelly Brown and this is her website –

And i like the colours of this website and the way when you hover over boxes text comes up so i would like to have that in mine also –

I want to have an established website for my child photography and then i would like to join an association, possibly BANPAS or NAPCP.


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