2016 Project – Anglesey

New Year …. healthy eating (as much organic food as we can afford)…no booze for 2 months….5 week intense exercise programme….AND plans to cram in as many projects as possible and experiment experiment EXPERIMENT! A bucketful of new years resolutions that i can’t wait for! 😀

I have joined forces with a couple of fellow equally mad photographers Roy & Kamila to possibly create the ‘ next internet sensation’  – Quote by Roy.

We met up with Marine Biologist Jess today and drove to Porth Dafarch Beach in Anglesey….After over an hour in the car together i was enlightened by her passion and knowledge of marine life. Her vision is to make documentaries ….but with a sexy twist. Bye bye to old men hauling fish across the side of a boat and hello to pink haired passionate Jess doing the same in her bright and scantily clad fashion.

Arriving at the beach she stripped down to her pants, woolly jumper …and wellies (of course) and danced around the beach like an excited child whilst giving us a lesson about everything she come across….there could be a gap in the market for this…possibly?

We took some photos and videos and just generally wanted to see how she would feel in front of the camera….to which she was a natural.

Soooo we have lots of planning and discussing to do but the idea is to do a series of Youtube documentaries of her in different locations around the UK and possibly fishing trips etc….this should be fin! I mean fun! 😀



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