Thank you Photoshop!

I wanted to create one of those magical glitter/snow blow photos and thought it would be totally straight forward…get some kids…some fake snow and some glitter…put it in their hands….and get them to blow

Things i didn’t anticipate – their scrunched up faces when blowing, them getting it in their eyes and mouths and getting it to blow evenly out their hands! I did put a filter on my lens to protect it from the glitter but i didn’t put anything on myself and i used my 50mm 1.8 so i was fairly close to them and basically got covered in it! So if i was to do it again i would use my 70-200 and stay well back!

In the end…when we were nearly out of snow and glitter i figured i wasn’t going to get the perfect shot naturally so i asked them to pretend to blow and then i would use several of the images and do a composite in photoshop.

I used these 3 images, put them together and then when i was happy with it i flattened it then added more snow using one of my weather brushes in white in different sizes.

Danielle's Kids-18

It took a while to do but i was really happy with my end result.


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