Jordan Voth

Jordan Voth is one of my favourite photographers! I love his work – Portraiture, Engagement & Wedding photography, his landscapes are incredible. I love the colour to his photos, they all have such a rich earthiness to them but not over-processed, he captures fun & emotions in her portraits, and so much love in his couples photography, and the backdrops to his photos are incredible he goes to the most amazing locations.

So for me, if i could get the chance to work¬†alongside someone….even just for a day! It would be him! So……Jordan if you are reading this just tell me when to book my flight to seattle! ūüėÄ

Here are a few screenshots i have taken and cropped from his Pinterest page Р

Thank you Photoshop!

I wanted to create one of those magical glitter/snow blow photos and thought it would be totally straight forward…get some kids…some fake snow and some glitter…put it in their hands….and get them to blow

Things i didn’t anticipate – their scrunched up faces when blowing, them getting it in their eyes and mouths and getting it to blow evenly out their hands! I did put a filter on my lens to protect it from the glitter but i didn’t put anything on myself and i used my 50mm 1.8 so i was fairly close to them and basically got covered in it! So if i was to do it again i would use my 70-200 and stay well back!

In the end…when we were nearly out of snow and glitter i figured i wasn’t going to get the perfect shot naturally so i asked them to pretend to blow and then i would use several of the images and do a composite in photoshop.

I used these 3 images, put them together and then when i was happy with it i flattened it then added more snow using one of my weather brushes in white in different sizes.

Danielle's Kids-18

It took a while to do but i was really happy with my end result.

Rembrandt Lighting

Today in the studio we were trying to create a rembrandt lighting effect.

“There are two things that make up Rembrandt lighting: a light on one half the subject‚Äôs face and a triangle of light on the shadowed side of the face. Technically, the triangle shadow should be no wider than the eye and no longer than the nose. The thing that distinguishes Rembrandt lighting from simple short lighting is the triangle of light.” ¬†

We had one light at a 45 degree angle from the models and it was a bit higher than eye level. And we had a second light on the opposite side of the model a bit further back and at its lowest setting just to give a little bit of light to that side of the face where we are trying to create the triangle of light.

Here is our set up –


And my edited images –

Scream & Shout

Film Assignment – Our Choice (Hybrid)

Working with my group was such a laugh from beginning to end, we quickly came up with our idea for our Action Comedy because we all wanted to do something fun. We decided to combine some of our previous films – The Handover / Desperate / We Need To Talk / The Wishing & Gone Fishing together in a slapstick fashion!

We spent 2 days filming and then i edited our footage in Adobe Premier to see how much more footage we needed, we still needed to film the end and re-do the beginning. Unfortunately Tasha was unable to be with us for the rest of the project and she was a main character so this through our plot into turmoil and i had to go and get some advice off Steve on how we could get around it. He suggested what we could do and we spent another day filming and replaced Tasha with JH wearing similar clothes and it worked really well and added to the hilarity of the film!

It was so much fun throughout, loads of chasing, rolling round the floor, jumping over walls, through doors. I walloped JH in the face which was meant to be a light touch but i ended up breaking his glasses and bruising his eye….which he took so well bless him and thats the bit of footage we had to use in the film because we couldn’t re-shoot it because he had no glasses!