Documentary Film – Finding Vivian Maier

Documentary Film – Finding Vivian Maier

“Finding Vivian Maier is the critically acclaimed documentary about a mysterious nanny, who secretly took over 100,000 photographs that were hidden in storage lockers and, discovered decades later, is now among the 20th century’s greatest photographers”

Vivian Maier was an incredible street photographer that went undiscovered until she passed away and her negatives were stumbled across by John Maloof in an auction house. After realising the extent of who he had uncovered he dedicated himself to reconstructing her archive of work and getting it into the public eye. Now, with roughly 90% of her archive reconstructed, Vivian’s work is part of a renaissance in interest in the art of Street Photography.

This was a documentary about her life that they have pieced together through her photographs, videos, voice recordings and people whom she worked for. Working as a Nanny and describing herself as a spy, changing her name and moving from place to place because of her obsession with privacy and newspaper hoarding she was one fascinating artist! She documented the life that surrounded her capturing the grit, the differences in class and race and the love and humour.


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