Pre Production Pipeline

I need to come up with 5 ideas for a film….sat at my laptop for an hour…nothing….drank some vodka to loosen up my brain…one hour later….nothing….went and sat in he studio with my hubby in the hope that he would give off some vibes for inspiration….nope not tonight….watched some short films on YouTube by Lin Oeding, one below

Great blockbuster style short films….inspired yes but nope still nothing is brewing in my head grrr.

Off to bed (with laptop in stow). Really feeling defeated, why when I’m given briefs/deadlines is it so hard for ideas to ignite but when I don’t have any my head is full of thoughts all clashing together. My love is photographing life, the innocence, the beauty, the happiness, mainly baby and wedding photography. I am absolutely not a writer, words always disappear when its time to write….just like now, I don’t know what else to write except pluueeeargh.

Need more help, off to google again.

Ok after reading this article –

Here are the tips that Darious lays out:

1. Write daily, 10 mins in the morning before you get up and 10 mins before you go to bed.

2. Write What You Know: Drawing from your own experiences is a sure-fire way to create believable scenarios and authentic characters. Dig into your past and ask yourself if there are any instances that could be the basis for a film. This doesn’t mean you should make a biopic about yourself, but instead, apply your experiences to different ideas that you’ve generated.

3. Game of Opposites: Take a well-known concept and flip it on its head. This is a playful way to brainstorm ideas that go against the grain.

4. Watch Other Films: This one is self-explanatory. Being a good consumer of art makes you a better artist. Plus, as Darious mentions, it’s a great way to mine for ideas. Keep in mind that very few, if any, ideas are truly original. Don’t feel bad about taking somebody else’s concept and putting your own spin on it. Chances are the filmmaker you’re borrowing from did the exact same thing.

5. The Magic Notebook: Ideas often come at the worst time: in the shower, when you’re out with friends, when you’re cooking dinner. It doesn’t have to be a physical notebook, but having a way to capture spontaneous ideas as they come to you is essential. The notes app on your phone works great, as does the voice recording app.

6. Research: Start doing research about a topic that interests you. Along the way, you’ll almost certainly come across interesting facts and scenarios that can be turned into film ideas.

7. List Your Resources: As independent filmmakers, our resources are often limited. By listing out the resources you have, whether it’s certain locations or props, you can generate ideas that you know you can make. This is a super practical way to go about making short films.

8. Keep It Simple: For short films, it’s often better that the concept is something extremely simple. Stop thinking about complex plot lines and characters, and instead try building a film around a simple idea.

9. Live a Little: This goes along with #2. It’s much easier to write what you know if your life is somewhat interesting.

  • A little boys dream of becoming a famous DJ finally becomes reality until he has a head injury leaving him 90% blind which won’t stop him but will his new method of mixing catch on…
  • A group of young friends loving life driving through the woods & drinking end up in a car crash which turns their night into a desperate attempt to stay alive and risk their lives to save each other.
  • A work obsessed Dad ends up losing his family and everything that he’d worked for to realise how rich he already was and has to find a miracle to get his family back in time for christmas.
  • A sleep deprived single Mum trying to make it as a designer juggling University, Work and her children by accident finds out she has a hidden talent that changes everything.
  • A little girl who longs to be a mermaid and knows she is different to all her friends and soon finds out how much different


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