Oceans Eye

Im feeling totally uninspired by my chosen idea of a struggling music artist so i have decided to go down the fantasy route instead.

  • A little girl who dreams of being a mermaid – Whilst out shopping with her mum in a vintage shop she discovers a pearl glistening underneath an old clothes rack whilst she is playing hide and seek in the shop. She tries to give it to the wisened old woman behind the counter but she wont take it and tells her that it hers. She leaves feeling very puzzled and shoves it in her pocket. What she didn’t realise is that the pearl is the oceans eye and anytime it gets wet it takes her into a parrallel world where she is a mermaid and the stone is part of a necklace that she wears. If she comes out of the water she is then transformed back into her normal life

Hmmmm…i think i could make this work, i will return to develop this 🙂


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