Making Our Action Movie

The Handover

Tasha attack

This was so much fun to film, from trying to perfect Andy’s wheel spin as he drives off to making the incriminating documents with a mug shot of the villain (myself), climbing over the side of the multi storey building, the attack on Tasha, the chase -using the gopro from Tasha’s view as she chased me worked really well, the chase through doors and down stairs as fast as we could, the comedy scene with Richard in the elevator and getting the end scene look convincing where i get knocked out by a door….it was all so much fun!

There is some scenes that we would re-film if we had more time

  •  When Andy gets out of his car on top of the car park he is smiling which he shouldn’t be because he is supposed to be annoyed.
  •  My climb over the wall could of been more ‘graceful’ (note to myself….must spend more time practising climbing walls ha)
  •  We could of done with another angle of my face when i am approaching Tasha at the car.
  •  A more convincing fall on the stairs
  • A better angle of when i get knocked out by the door
  • Also i missed some letterbox effects on some frames when editing

But overall we were very pleased with what we achieved and definitely learnt by our mistakes




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