Developing Ideas

Developing Ideas

My ideas :

  • A struggling music artist – finding it hard to pursue their dream as a producer whilst having to work a high pressure day job at the same time
  • 2 sisters – growing up in a small village with no jobs and they long for good careers and hate being burdens on their parents who struggle financially
  • Teenagers in a car crash – the problems that follow, loss of friendships, blame & death
  • A hard-working dad – working day and night to build a business to provide a good future for his kids for it to be stolen from him and all the kids want is their Dad
  • A single mum – burning the candle at both ends juggling 2 kids, being self-employed and attending a full-time University course

So now I have SOMETHING down, here are more points for me to consider that might help me use what I have got and develop it:

Chosen Idea:

A struggling music artist


I have chosen this one because, I am drawing from personal experiences so I think that might help ease me into the planning and there is ups & downs to this story but it also ends on a positive note


After 10 years of John trying to be recognised as a top music producer he hits a make or break point whilst risking losing his family at the same time he makes one last gruelling attempt to succeed.

WHO: Michael (music producer)

WHAT: Loses all DJ bookings after moving abroad, becomes severely depressed

HOW: He decides to move back to the UK, causing a huge rift with his wife & children and he desperately tries to repair his music career whilst trying not to lose his family at the same time.


Michael (Protagonist) – Is married to Jenny and has 3 children – Lewis Age 7, Anabelle Age 5 & Charlie Age 1 , he works in a well paid day job as an IT Analyst for a bank, and has been getting part-time work as a music producer and DJ which is his dream job, something he hopes to be able to do full-time eventually. He’s hard-working and driven with his end goal in sight….to be playing main stage at the biggest hard dance events across the world. Things are hard at home because he rarely sees his wife and kids so when a job opportunity comes up in Nerja in Spain he can see it is what his wife wants for them as a family – a more relaxed lifestyle and more time to spend together, his guilt for the lack of time spent with them makes him agree and they sell up and move there and that’s where things start to spiral downwards for him.

Jenny ( Love Interest ) – Wife of Michael’s 3 children, prior to children she worked in a design company and was also a DJ at the weekend, this is how they both met.

Children – Lewis, Anabelle & Charlie

William (Antagonist) – lives in Australia and runs a stream of nightclubs, has his own music label and promotions company.

Trevor (Mentor) – Michael’s dad. Works as a self-employed bricklayer. Lives alone with his animals, divorced from his wife Sally when Michael was 10 years old. He has played the guitar in a band called ‘The Stingers’ since the 60’s.

So i have an idea & i have some characters ….but it lacks anyway ‘wow’ i need to find something that picks this out from being ordinary……back to brainstorming!


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