What Draws You Into A Story

Today in Creative Futures we were shown Ted Talks….a platform where people from within all different kinds of industries give their insights and inspiration into their subject.

We watched Andrew Stanton -The Clues To  A Great Story. He focused on the fact that the best stories need to evoke ‘Wonder’ and that from the beginning of every story it should have a sense of wonder that draws you in. He says that everyone cares and its that part of our nature that when watching something it can catch our attention for that reason and pull us into the story. We should use what we know, capture a truth & express our own feelings because thats what viewers have a soft spot for. To start with a ‘promise’, something that just teases you further in and keeps you wondering throughout.

It was clever the way he talked about starting with a promise, and having an element of truth & emotion throughout stories because he related his talk to his own personal life story and that is exactly what he did to us watching him. I was drawn in with the sad story of him nearly dying as a baby but miraculously survived. It touched my heart because i have children and know how emotional child birth can be, so without realising i related it to my own experiences and that is the point he was trying to put across…touching nerves of the viewers with real experiences.

And then we watched JJ Abrams – Mystery Box, he, in a similar fashion started off his talk about someone who was very special to him, his grandad and how close they were and what he taught him, unlike Andrew, his talk was very fast paced from the beginning but with more comedy. Very inspirational and he talked about how he realised that the key element in his films was actually the ‘Mystery’ … his mystery box that he’s had since a child and never opened…the mystery of whats inside is what makes people want more.

Mystery & Wonder, two different things but both link to each other.


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