Planning Our Horror Film

The Wishing

Group 2 Members

Suzanne Ross-Hughes, Kamila Kosior, Andy Hay, Tasha Dawson, Ainhoa Buetas Paton, Nicola Flynn, John-Henry Munday

We have had a very excited morning being put in a group together, everyone had brilliant ideas and we all bounced off each other and our plot for the film very quickly came together! We all agreed on it having a building tension and suspense. It’s not going to be a slash horror, there will be no obvious blood, guts and killing. What we want to achieve is drawing the viewer in with suspense and tension and flashes of fear. I suggested we filmed at an old derelict chapel near where i live and Andy told us about an old music box that he found, it plays a very haunting version of Wish Upon A Star so we decided to use this as the main prop.  We spent nearly 2 hours getting everything down on paper, fine-tuned the details and then assembled them into a powerpoint ready for tomorrow morning’s pitch –


We are going to film using our own Nikon dslrs and a Go-Pro for some intense parts of the film for close up footage to really catch the breathing & panic.


The Peel Chapel in Overton woods is where we will be filming for the majority of the film, we visited it to see if it was going to be suitable …it definitely had the eerie feel we wanted. You won’t see much of the surroundings when we film though as it will be dark.


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