Editing … “The Wishing”

The day after we finished filming we all got together to watch through the footage we had, and came to realise that we had a lot more than we actually needed. There was a lot of parts to the story that needed to be in it for it to make sense so it took hours cutting it down gradually. I then put all the footage together at home, and went for a bit of a teaser in the beginning by having some end footage first with the music box playing and Andy singing over the top. I thought it added some fear right from the beginning and then the pace is very gradual and builds up with more sounds getting louder as the suspense grows.

If we were to do it again i think we would have re-filmed a couple of scenes, there was some footage that was out of focus that we had to use because it was an essential part of the story.

Also an external mic would have improved the balance of the dialog being superior to the sound of the rain.

And perhaps simplify the story a little for it to be easier for the viewer to understand in 4 minutes.

Apart from that i was happy with how it turned out, it was pretty much how we all visualised it in the planning and i think we all worked really well as a group and gave it our all.


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